Monday, December 29, 2008

Speak Out on Quest!

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This blogger wanted to tell it all on Quest. So, I've posted the comments. If you have any words, ideas, expressions, thoughts, vent-words, art, poetry, lyrics (or anything else) about your take on marriage, email me.

FYI: SunniPath, an online Islam academy, is offering a course on successful Islamic marriage -- by a female teacher.

FYI: Sheikh Yaser Birjas has launched his matrimonial training/marriage site.

So Quest was kind enough to let me contribute to her blog. Thanks, Quest!

Along the theme of ethnicity in suitoring. Yay for all Arabs and Desis (men and women). You guys don't need to worry as much since your market is big, and there are ample varieties of choices. But sucks to the 'minority', non-Arab, non-Desi because everyone wants to marry their own ethnic group (sometimes it is the village!). So what do we non-Arab-Desi people do? Some sit and wait, some proactively go out and ask Arab-Desi friends to let them into their network, some look for reverts (but these reverts want Arab-Desi spouses themselves), some....... well, just give up.

Often times the current generation actually does not mind what ethnicity the other person is, but the parents do, so that's a no again. I understand that everyone has his/her own preference and reasons for his/her choices, but that's why this whole marriage trhing is so inefficient. You have women sitting at one side of the city lamenting over how difficult it is to find a suitable half, and men sitting on the other side of the city doing the same thing.

I mean, we non-Arab, non-Desis can't even get to the stage of evaluating a suitor's deen and akhlaq, because there ARE no suitors.

Frustration of the century.
Ying-Yang (Blogger Name)


C said...

There are others to like I did and marry a Malaysian.

Nasreen said...

Dang, I can understand what it must be like. As it is it seems hard to find a decent husband but for the choices to be limited because you don't fit other people's criteria is harsh.

Ramadan is here, just keep making dua inshaAllah. :)

marryasunni said...

Islam gives more freedom regarding marriage.But mostly it is misunderstod.