Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I think I'm a show-off. Got a cure? Here's some news. Show-offs are too trusting.

A few days ago I found out something and I was ... disappointed. So I sketched. My trust away.


Anonymous said...

اللهم لا سهل الا ما جعلته سهلا وانت تجعل الحزن ان شأت سهلا

Anonymous said...

Wow, you drew that? MashAllah, that's amazing!:-)

hijabee said...

Mashallh great blog and this drawing is amazing :)

~PakKaramu~ said...

Assalamu'alaikum Wr,Wb

Visit you from Malaysia

majness said...

salams ofcourse ill add you to my profile.. I just wanted to say something really thought.. There is no right one. The key I beleive is in loving correctly the one you have.

true Love is something thats inside oneself. If a person knows how to love God willing everyone could become the right one for us.

god trials us, one of the trials will be the husband or wife...its how we deal and love the thorns on the rose..

anyways salams n nice to meet u

Anonymous said...

my honest reaction to this post: "disappointed".

Anonymous said...

"Mashallh great blog and this drawing is amazing :)"

The other drawings (I've read all of Ninjabi) are great too! :)