Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Online Muslim Matrimonials, or M Mats. Sounds like an exam doesn’t it.

So I heard that Baba Ali from is starting an online matrimonial at This brought back memories, well, of two months ago when I first signed up for a muslim matrimonial, or what I call an M Mat. If it sounds like an exam such as SAT or M Cat or whatever, good, cuz that’s exactly how it felt like!

I log on to one of these sites and it says I have to write about myself, and then what I’m looking for in my future husband. I was like, wow, I’m not sure what to write. And some of these sites kind of ‘know this’ – because there’s the option of choosing pre-written ‘descriptions’ such as “I want a man who doesn’t drink or go clubbing”.

Like, maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t this a MUSLIM matrimonial site?

Anyway, when I first wrote up a profile about what I want in my future husband, I thought the following would cut it: I am a young Muslim woman who is looking for a brother who wants to complete half his deen. He prays, performs all the duties of Islam and is fun, interesting and ready to start a family".

zee end.

Apparently, that's not enough. I was told I need to have something called "criteria". What am I looking for in a husband?

Looks like I don't have it ready ... other than what I wrote up there.

Let's so how you guys do. To try out an M Mat, visit (these are some of the many out there):

FYI: In Sacramento, a new matrimonial program has been launched.


Organica said...

90% creeps on them websites.

Just saying!

Single Sis said...

you have to be really careful on websites cos some people are just there to waste your time. i think its important to be clear in your intentions that way you won't be disapointed....also giving as much detail as possible on what type of person you're looking for or the important qualities will help cut out any timewasters....

trysomethingnew said...

I agree with both sisters ... we need some other alternative system in finding a mate in North America, cause clearly these matrimonial sites are not ideal.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Trysomethingnew's comment about the need for halal venues to connect single Muslims, I could not agree more and that is why I strongly suggest that everyone read the following article:

The article references a Muslim singles event that I am helping to organize at Masjid SALAM here in Sacramento. It is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 24. For more information on the event and to register for it, please visit the SALAM website at Also, please help us spread the word.

Jazakum Allahu khayran!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the link to the article got cut off. Here it is again:

Quest said...

I had a look at the sacramento muslim matrimonial. MashAllah looks like an excellent project, and I encourage everyone to have a look inshAllah.

I'll make dua for all of you :-)


Anonymous said...

I thank both quests :-) for their support and encouragement of our Muslim singles event in Sacramento. If we don't get some registrations soon, we may have to cancel the event, so please help us to spread the word among all single Muslims, so that we can have more events like this in the future, Insha' Allah.


Anonymous said...

salaam alaikum

If anyone knows Sh. Yaser Birjas, he's starting a super halal and super confidential muslim marriage service that provides both training AND matching services.

check these out: