Thursday, July 30, 2009

Which Veil R Ya?

One of the “souk” or markets out here looks like this: a line of tiny shops stuck wall to wall from here until as far as the eye can see. And in between are side streets and alleys. Each one leads to infinity. On a shopping spree in a place like this, I sure put on some comfy pump slippers and I have my healthy whole grains for energy in the morning. Plus some vitamins and I’m super duper shopper woman! :-)

First store. I pick up a pair of baggy pants. I wonder what to wear on top. Scary how the sales person lady almost reads my mind: “for that you need to wear it like the manikin over there. A sleeveless black short waist line shirt”. I look at the shirt and I say, “ummmm……”

She gives a smile and says, “but you would wear a long sleeved shirt underneath to make it work”.

I come up with some excuse and I don’t buy it. But the moment stays in mind, this picture of a short really tight sleeveless waistline shirt being “solved” for a veiled girl with a tight long sleeved shirt underneath. Huh. She must have thought I roll like that. Interesting :-)

Next store. I pick up a long shirt that goes below the bum area and above the knees, sort of in between that space. Sales lady comes along: “no that won’t work for you hunny. You guys wear longer. Let me show you the section that’ll work for you”. All the “shirts” she shows me are really long dresses that go below the knee area. To wear with a pair of pants underneath. They’re also generally dark colors.

Interesting. I thought. Humm. That stayed in my mind, too. So the “appropriate” shirt, this time, is below the knee length and anything less than that seems “not right for us guys”. Huh. Okay. She must have thought I roll like that :-)

I’m in the next store. A bubbly energized sales woman with a vibrant smile handles me. I try on this fine dress looking all like the swan princess with a hale berry touch. Fine dress. Dang! But. Tight from the “top”. I say: “you know it’s an issue for me as a veiled woman to have this top area so tight, though it’s an awesome dress you know what I’m sayinnnnnn’. Purrrrrfect except for the darn top area!”

She looks at me, then says: “ But like that’s normal to even have a “top” area. I mean you’re a woman aren’t you, I’m sure you have atleast a shirt or dress that looks like that. It’s just being a woman. You can’t go anywhere with it hunny, it’s going to be there. I’m a conservative dressing person too and believe it or not I was veiled once too, so I understand. The dress doesn’t show your figure. And the top area….. that’s normal hunny”.

:-) -- Sales people. They can convince themselves the earth is square then they’ll sell it to you like its gospel. :-) Anyways. That stayed in my mind, too. She must have thought I roll like that.

Funny the assumptions made about a veiled woman and the ‘type’ that she is, because apparently there are ‘types’. And sales women here know this. Those that wear tight clothes but just cover their heads. Others kinda go border line with baggy everything except for that ONE thing that’s sorta kinda tight.

Or the ones that wear long tall baggy all the way from head to toe, usually same style all the time – long long long jacket/shirt/abaya with pants underneath. I wonder what “other” veil types come up when I shop next time ….. :-) …


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Yin said...

That's hilarious :) There are
'types' of veiled women, eh? Well, externally, maybe so, but internally, who knows..........

But maybe we should be more concerned in fitting our internal selves in the right, uh, category?

In any case, do let me know of your shopping results ^.^