Sunday, September 13, 2009

Peekaboo! :-)

I watch her sleep as I write this. My sister's in town, I won't be blogging regularly for a while, but I'll peekaboo you every once a full moon :-)

Today we go South to visit our aunt at the refugee camps. First, we make a quick stop at the Lebanese Army Force to get permits, gulp.... though we do think of those missile exchanges that happened a few days ago in the South between Israel and Lebanon. But, people live on. And our family's there.

Make du'a for us.

I'll end with this sweet picture: my sister's nine year old daughter, my beautiful niece, calls and asks her mom on the phone: "how did you feel when you saw aunty?"

I was surpised at how quickly she answers: "it's like a big part of me was missing and now I'm whole".

Alhamdullilah for these things in life :-) ...
Until the next breath,



CooL MuslimaH said...


Why is your aunt in refugee camp??

MAy ALlah help all...

take care
~Cool Muslimah~

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TahaManiac said...

hey there...thanks for ur comment in my blog...sure u r free to follow my blog from time to time :)

Yin said...

Awww, send my salaams to your sister and family for me. Glad you gals are having a good time!

controlled chaos said...

Insh'Allah everything goes smoothly for you.
Let us know what happened. said...

Whoa, your family lives there? May Allah grant your family peace and blessings wherever they go, inshaAllah. I haven't been around commenting on posts myself, which is probably why I'm just getting 0-2 comments on them. Hehe.

Take cares, sis!

Faith said...

:) so sweet
May allah protect you both ya raab :*