Saturday, September 5, 2009

Decisions Decisions ... D.E.C.I.S.I.O.N.S

They say Libras can never make decisions easily. They keep weighing the two sides eternally and never come out from that state of mind in order to make a decision. Oh boy, perhaps it’s time I believe this of myself. I’ve been chewing on this pickle – more like a giant dill --- for a few days now. It must be a sin somewhere to take this long to decide. So, I’d love to know what you think ….

I’ve been invited to a conference on global youth development that will take place in Canada and Greece. The tickets and hotels are paid for. The downside is the timing. This thing happens like this: three days in Canada (September 21-24) and three days in Greece/Athens (September 28- Oct 1st).

Now, my sister is supposed to come here to Lebanon to visit between September 11th to October 12th. After my calculations, if I go to the conference, I really spend less than half of that time in sane vacationing with my sis in Lebanon.

Also, it takes around 11hrs to fly from Lebanon to Canada (not including airport waiting time, ranges from 3-6 extra hours) – only to stay for three days! Three measly little small days in Canada!

Upside: I’ll see my mummy! And my baby girl niece who I miss like crazy! But.But. But. It takes me a week, normally, to wake up from such a loooong flight. I’ll physically be with them for a few hours each day after conferencing while I’ll be jet lagged worst than anything you can imagine.

Barely will I awaken from all this, then I have to fly out to Greece! Another friggin’ ten hours. Then, to Lebanon.

When I come back, I have three days then. Yes. The semester starts and I’ll be teaching. Though my sister will still be in the country for another seven days, I’ll be teaching (while jetlagged) during most of the time. Oh Lord.

Dilemma: I really wanna see momz, my niece, even my girlz in Canada, participate in important conference, but it’s not fair for my sis … I want to spend time with her in a normal way without all this craziness, plus spend Eid with her in Lebanon and grow old with her on my birthday too which is in October.

… ach me needs your thoughts … what would you do? ... Libras always want to be just to everyone. but it'ssss harrrd ... :(

PS: I felt I should add this footnote, that I've been praying istikharah since I got the news of the conference, and the masjid gives it a peaceful environment to make the dua with heart, too. On the same page, everyone ;-) .... beyond that, what would you do to decide? ....



Umm Hadiqah said...

As-salaamu 'Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allahi wa Barakatuh,

What a dilemma. Honestly, I would pray Istikhara and see where your heart is leaning from there...that's the best advice.

Let us know how it works out!

As-Salaamu 'Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allahi wa Barakatuh

Skye said...

salaamz sis
awww u poor thing ur in a sticky situation,insha'allah allah swt guides u in the right direction, u will be in my dua's...

take care sis mwaaaaaah =D

Skye said...

salaamz sis
awww u poor thing ur in a sticky situation,insha'allah allah swt guides u in the right direction, u will be in my dua's...

take care sis mwaaaaaah =D

CooL MuslimaH said...


Do istikhara...its best!! InshAllah whatever is best for you will work out..

take care
~Cool Muslimah~

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

Only one answer...pray istikhara.

UmmHadiqah said...

Oh, so you have prayed Istikhara...SubhanaAllah, I haven't the slightest idea. If you and your family just want to be together (in spite of jet lag), then take it easythe folds of mommy's arms, insha'Allah.

Do what's best for you mentally and physically

Sparkling Motivation said...

Salamat Quest,

O-M-G... what a rush!! hmmm

If you ask me.... there ain't no thinking to it... I don't know if it has to do with my being a saggittarius or not... no idea...

But the way I get along recently.... my decision making is tempo "Tempo tempo"<< Italian accent lol

So, seeing that you already prayed Istikharah... that doesn't mean you get hit by lightening...I mean by the right decision... go for it and you'll see it all unravel ahead of you...

It all seems like a bundle of joy and important stuff to do all the same time... well, Allah put it that way so might as well go ahead with it... I know it's all a bad timing ... BUT

وعسى أن تكرهوا شيئا وهو خير لكم

;) Food for thought?

Oh, yeah you ain't got the time for that! lol .... so let's set out your priorities for you:
- conference: surely important for your career
-Seeing your mom: mega important ... so why the hesitation!!?
-Seeing your sister after all this for just three days: well.... better than not seeing her at

Hope this helps... I kinda know how you feel *thoughtful smile*

Sometimes (but of course you know this already *waves her hand*) life doesn't go the way we want it... so there you go...
لايكلف الله نفسا الا وسعها

And you can do it ^_^

:) Would love to know how it all turns out

Salamz ;)

Nurul Farhana said...

Family comes first..

Constructive Attitude said...

OMG! work the timings out and GO to the conference!

Or at least send me in your place!

I'm constructive attitude btw, nice blog :)