Monday, August 17, 2009

Grief: Learn it

“You have no idea what your phone call means to me”.

This is what Firas’s father said to me when I called to give my condolences.

I discovered something about myself.

There are two true losses in my life: My father, and Firas. Because I did not grief properly over my father, I did not know how to grief properly over Firas. That is why I struggled painfully these days.

Who knew that grief over loved ones is a skill. A skill I’ve been introduced to, through Firas’s death, because of Allah’s mercy.

Now the lesson is learnt, Allah, take care of my boys, I’ll see you, daddy and Firas, when it’s my time, but now, I live.

Grief: learn it. In every tragedy of life made by the Hands of the Beautiful Creator is an angel waiting to touch you, thresh you hard and carve you like diamonds born from the depths of black dark coal.

Bismillah ar-rahman ar-raheem, to a new beginning,

:)... I'm smiling, again.




desiskeptic said...

Its never easy dealing with the death of someone close. While I haven't experienced the death of anyone really close, I have been thinking about it as of late. You can find my views on my blog -- apologies in advance if any of that offends you. I sincerely hope that you remain strong and recover soon from the grief that inevitably follows such an event. said...

Another touching post!

Indeed for everything that happens, there is a purpose.

kinzi said...

Hi Quest, I wanted to return the favor in visiting your blog. An insightful heart, you have.

May God carry you in the loss and grief. He may then use you to comfort others as you have been comforted.