Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gone Swine Free to Jeita Cave

What's the best way to escape the flu? Good question.

I went to Jeita cave! This place is a wonder no words can describe. Maybe the pics up there and this wiki:

Jeita Cave on Wikipedia

The pictures aren't mine because they don't allow cameras in the cave. It supposedly erodes the minerals. Imagine my face as I gave up my camera to the security guard outside.

I pouted. I frowned. I asked questions like "one picture?" ... but subhanAllah, not having my camera forced me to focus on the beauty around me rather than make sure I got it all on camera. What a distraction that can be, eh?

I took the memory and the image with my eye's camera. And it is there for me to keep and tell to my kids when I grow old and grey :-)

I did enjoy the boat ride on the crystal blue water while dipping my hands in it as the boat sails on and the minerals shimmer like gold all around us. Magical.

PS: I think I'm swine free but just exhausted. Alhamdullilah with a cherry smile!!


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OhSoAwsomeGirl said...

OMG!!! Congrats!!! I'm lebanese and my grandmother used to rave about this for hours.

Sorry about the pictures :C