Monday, June 15, 2009


Can I ask a question? How do I let a non-muslim guy know I'm not interested, when I see he has feelings for me? It's not me.

It's my muslim friend. For real. But one thing we have in common is that we both put on a crazy mean attitude on like the kid in the picture, yeah, you see him, kinda like that :-)... so in the end the man runs so fast like he was in a nike commercial!

But come on. There's got to be a more civilized way. me and her just don't know it. Any ideas? ... :-)

And pweeeeez don't give me the "let's just be friends" thing cuz oh boy. that don't work if you put an energizer battery in it and slapped it hard on the back! But yeah...


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Ayan said...

Just ignore him and if worse comes to worse tell him you're not interested. If he keeps insisting then explain why. Some guys stop once they get the messages.

However, if everything fails go crazy on him ... like your last post lol :D