Saturday, June 6, 2009

ahahaha !!!! :-)

boys still holla around here, and I think I've had built up anger and frustration about it for a while now but like. so I thought I was kinda sucking it up and letting it roll past me but I guess I was wrong -- :-) -- today while I'm walking some guy goes, what translates from Arabic to english as, " you so damn beautiful".

and like out of the blue i turn around, put on this mad lion grrrr face and bark out: "No I'm not beautiful!!!!!!!!!!" lol! hahahahha :-) so the guy shrinks in his place and he's like "okay".

hahahha :-) I can't stop laughing, his face, i can't forget hahahhaha :-)



Tauqeer said...


Quest said...

when I got out to walk today, i started laughing, cuz i remembered :-) .... people must have thought i'm crazy!

malekat_el7oriya said...

"No I'm not beautiful!!!!!!!!!" lol

The antidote said...

that was sooo funny lol

Maryam said...

Maybe I should start barking when guys try to "holla."

I loled @ at "no I'm not beautiful!!!" ;D

Hamida said...

Your blog inspires me!

I think your blog is great sis!
Please take the time to look at mine too.