Monday, May 25, 2009

Homes. An Email I wrote to a Friend


I read again your cool words you sent me a while back. on my study plans. your super duper delish advice on staying here versus going back for my studies, versus the 'depth' here and not back home in good old beaver land. and so on.

homes. I think your words came to mind because we were talking about homes. Me and my 86 year old aunt. She said something real cool. On the importance of having a house, or a family house in the mid east for us lebanese in the family who have migrated out in the west a long time ago.

Her point was that no matter what, this home will return the kids, and their kids to this place, a spot that pulls, no matter what.

... even if for a vacation. If the kids want to vacate, they can come here after their yummy fun trips to the world over anywhere out there. In the end, they have a place here they can call their own.

A house here, a home, is an inheritance but even more so a reminder. To think. Only think. Of a country that is their own. Yes.

and now my aunt just bought a home here, after having lived in Europe for over 30 years. Her daughters are now married and with their own children. So now the daughters -- who helped in the finances for buying this house, by the way -- now have a house here, and they will bring their kids here.

Sometimes i think if i end up married, and have kids, even if i don't buy a house here, just the fact that i can tell them i left everything to come back 'home', to one of my 'homes' in the world, is like establishing or building a house here, a symbolic house that will let the kids return to this place, no matter how distant they feel from it in the future. They might ask themselves, "why did mom come here in her lifetime?" The seed is sown.

just thoughts kid. just thoughts.

how are you these days? I want to do umrah with you.


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