Monday, December 28, 2009

Twitter Approach

Salams All!

I've decided to do a little adventurous thing with my blog. I want to try a twitter-like approach and see if it works. For a short while, I'll be posting one-liners (or two) with no pictures and will do so regularly. Just like twitter! This way I'd connect with you lovely folks more regularly, and I don't have to shift over to the real twitter just yet - don't wanna be all over the map :-)

So, hope it works, stay tuned!



Adib said...

There are advantages and disadvantages depending on what you're aiming for. A brother is doing something pretty much like that on his blog at


My Getaway said...

Interesting idea sister!

SoulSeek said...

The problem with this approach is keeping up! ^.^

Cool idea though